Juju Eats at Podium

2015/01/img_1550-0.jpg After the series of parties and celebrations we had during the holidays, Most of us (including me) had gained extra weight. Then now, we feel so guilty eating like there’s no tomorrow whenever temptations are around. Who doesn’t want the lechon, salads, shrimps, crabs, ice cream, cakes, etc. when you know it’s all FREE for that occasion??? And additional to that was when you were in an eat-all-you-can restaurant! How can you fight these kind of foods.
And after all that crazy eating, it’s time to get back your shape. I browsed the internet for possible diet that will suit me and most suggested diets are composed of vegetables and fruits. Since I cannot cook always because of my work schedule, I searched for possible restaurants nearby where I can eat vegetables or salads after office. Juju Eats really captured my attention. I checked some in zomato their reviews and photos. Seems really good. Since I am working in Ortigas and just a walk away from podium, I set one schedule to drop there.

Then now is the day!


Juju Eats podium
Juju Eats, Ground floor Podium mall, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

When I came at the store, I still do not have any plan if I will order their suggested mix or shall I have my own DIY salad. YES, you can do your own salad. You can choose which toppings, base or add-ons you want for your salad. You can have it in a bowl or in a wrap.
After taking a little long time to decide, I decided to try their Signature Salads (Sorry for the blurred picture)


I ordered Inasal salad in regular size and my boyfriend ordered Big Boy and Chicken Caesar both in wrap (The poster picture of wrap looks small so he thought it was small therefore he ordered 2).
When our orders were served, it was really surprising that the wraps are big. Looks like a burrito but it’s a salad in a wrap.
Let’s talk first about my order…
Inasal Salad regular (245 pesos)

I chose this because of Green mango. Yes, that’s the main reason. ^_^ and also for the balance is its chicken. As I look at it, I think I have chosen the right salad for me. The preparation is good and won’t make you scared of leaves. There’s a balance. I took the lettuce first, and that first taste immediately lets me say

“I love it!”

I can taste the balance of sour and salty taste of this salad. The chicken is so tender and good to eat. Its mix of salad won’t make you tired of it’s taste. There is also a hard-boiled egg that neutralizes the sour taste. It also has Feta cheese which was made from a sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk. A good addition to the salad. But remember, it was really salty.
Overall, I love this salad and really recommended. I don’t know if you prefer sour and salty taste but you will never know if you won’t try this 😉

Next is Big Boy in wrap (230 pesos)


From my boyfriend’s thought…

“Very evident ‘yung taste ng roasted pepper and cheese with a dash of sweet taste(not sure kung ano yung sweet)”

I also took a taste of this and you will really taste the red pepper in just one bite. Not too salty. There is also a hard boiled egg and red kidney beans that can balance the taste. The grilled chicken is so tender and tasty. The lettuce of this wrap is Romaine lettuce which was said to be a healthy lettuce. According to whfoods.org,

“Not all lettuce is created equal, but if you start your meal with a salad made of romaine lettuce you will be sure to add not only a variety of textures and flavors to your meal but an enormous amount of nutritional value.”

For the variety that was included in this wrap, the price is just right.

The third is Chicken Caesar in wrap (180 pesos)

caesar chickenFond of salty taste? You must try this. Because of the 3 main contributors of this (Bacon, Chicken and Parmesan), You will have the salty taste you want. And remember it has Caesar dressing mixed in all ingredients. According to my boyfriend who ate most of this wrap,

“Salty crunchy wrapped salad. salty because of Parmesan cheese and Bacon. crunchy because of croutons.”

And yes that’s right, You will really hear the crunch when you took a bite. As compared to Big Boy, this one is saltier. If you don’t like too salty foods, you might not like this. But if you were looking for salty salad after a sweet meal, this will satisfy the balance of your taste buds. And remember, it was still a salad. Better to have this salad than have junk foods without nutrients.

The first day of salad experience in Juju Eats is really awesome. We will definitely come back again to try other signature salads or make our own salad ^_^


Yes! We were back again at Juju eats. Just the day after the first ^_^

Now, our goal is to try other signature salad that they offer. Let’s get it on.

We have 2 salads and one slush on order. One more thing I like here is that you don’t need to wait for a long period of time to have your order. It won’t take you about 10mins waiting for your order. The salad is so easy to prepare (Maybe that is also one reason why it should not take long time to serve). After paying at the cashier for your order, you will given a black, round electronic device that will vibrate at light up when your order is ready to pick-up (I really don’t know what to call this).


You will get your order as fresh as it was picked from the farm.

Let’s now proceed to our next batch of salads…

Ay Caramba! regular (245 pesos)

ay caramba!

If Inasal salad is sour and Chicken caesar is salty, Now this one is really Spicy. The name itself says it. It was like a Mexican version of a salad. Got nachos in it for some crunch, corn for a bit of sweet, salsa for that real spice and Ay Caramba dressing for more and more spice 😀

I also like spicy foods that’s why I loved this too. This fully-loaded salad will really make you full at a good way.

Since this salad is really spicy (Yeah! I can’t take it without a drink), I also tried one of their slush in the menu. I ordered

Green Mango Slush regular (115 pesos)

green mango slush

I really like Green mangoes that’s why I also tried this one. When I saw the cup, I thought it was a coffee (Don’t deny it, it really looked like a cup of coffee).

The sour and sweet taste of this green mango slush is perfectly combined. Not too sour and not too sweet. Just right for a drink.

Going back to the salad, Here is another wrap for your additional choice…

Tuna Nicoise Pasta in wrap (160 pesos)

tuna nicoise salad

When I saw the name, first thing that came in my mind is….

“How will I pronounce this?”

I am not really familiar with this name or term Nicoise. So for my readers, here it is from a dictionary


That was a tough one 😀

For those who do not stick with leafy salads, you can try this one. It has fusilli pasta, tuna flakes, beans, hard-boiled egg, etc. rolled in a wrap. This was really a good source of protein. You will almost forgot that you were eating a salad. The only not-so-good thing about this for your diet is that it’s still a pasta. For the taste, it’s good. But if you were looking for a strong taste, this might not be for you. The taste of this salad is just plain. Not too salty, Not too spicy. A little bit sweet and sour because of its honey mustard dressing.

So that’s it. That’s all we’ve tried so far. And it doesn’t ends here. Definitely we’ll be back again and try other salads or maybe we will create our own salad. You may visit their page to check their menu.

Share us your experience at Juju eats! 🙂

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